Part-4: Horizon 8 Initial Configurations

The previous post (Part-3). I have covered installation of Horizon 8 Replica Server, in this section (Part-4) I will go through the Initial configurations of Horizon 8.

Horizon 8 Initial Configurations

Before starting the Configurations make sure the following prerequisites are in place.

  1. Active Directory Account created with required permission for vCenter Server Integration with Horizon
  2. Domain User account assigned with required privileges for instant clones, this user account should have rights to joining the Instant clone Virtual Machines to the Active Directory Domain.

Note: In this lab setup I am using the single domain user account which is assigned the vCenter Server Integration and Instant Clone admin privileges, for the production deployment refer the VMware documentations.

Look at the below video to understand the configurations.

In the upcoming post (Part-5) I will cover the Horizon’s Events Database Configuration.

Happy Reading!


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